How to Get Started With Email Automation – Test, Document and Tweak Your Flow | Email Marketing Tips

Email automation is a powerful marketing tool that is proven to boost sales, user experience, and more. With automated emails, you can send the right message to the right people at the right time. Excited to start email automation but don’t know where to start?

We got you!

In this video, Matthew Smith discusses the seventh and eight steps you should do on how to get started with email automation, those are, to test and document your flow internally or with customers and then adjusting your hypothesis.

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Testing your email flow means trying on your own if your email is achieving the desired results that you have set on your hypothesis. You can test your flow with a small portion of your customers or you can also use your team to receive your email. Remember to document everything — the user experience, and findings, then from those records, you can then adjust your hypothesis.

Testing and tweaking your email flow should always be a task you need to keep on doing. If you want to understand the success and/or failure of your email marketing campaigns, you need to keep on adjusting your email flow one thing at a time, then allow enough people to interact with that email to determine its effectiveness.

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Matthew Smith is the co-founder of Really Good Emails, the largest email marketing community on the planet with over 4,000+ handpicked collections of the best email samples.

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