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7 High Conversion Rate Viral Email Marketing Tips

Viral e-mail marketing signifies the rapid spread of branding and sales messages among prospects. This concept is quite similar to that of word-of-mouth behavior albeit via the electronic medium. The principle objective of such marketing campaigns is increased brand awareness. People are going to start spreading out messages only when they find it valuable, entertaining or amusing. An idea regarding the interests of the customers in the specific market segments can ensure the success of the viral e-mail marketing campaigns.

5 Deadly Email Sales Letter Tips

The email sales can be a highly effective way to ensure that your targeted customers have a positive image about your business. Promoting services and products is the core of propagating your business. By sending emails to your target audience you can capture their interest and create loyal customers. Here are a few tips that will make your email promotions effective.

Getting The Most Out of Your Email CTR

Email marketing is a strategy used by internet marketers and direct sellers to get the words out about their products and their offerings. It brings in sales and traffic when done right. Because of the many mails going to a prospective client’s inbox, some emails are not opened and read anymore. These mails go directly to junk. You cannot blame these recipients since they mostly devote their time to so many tasks they cannot find time to open mails that do not even catch their attention and curiosity.

It’s All in the Follow Up

In this article I’m going to take a slightly different viewpoint from normal. I’m going to talk to you about the ‘follow up’.

Making the Most Out of Your Opt-In Process

When it comes to establishing new connections and building already-existing ones, it is extremely important that you work the opt-in process to its fullest potential. If people opt-in, they are prequalified automatically and they are valuable connections for you.

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