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Avoid These Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Since everyone uses email, it’s easy to assume we’re all “email experts” and therefore email marketing should be easy to do. It’s an assumption that’s tripped up many small businesses, whose hopeful communications get snagged by spam filters or completely ignored by the would-be audience.

5 Proven Subject Line Winners, And Why They Crush It

Five email subject lines that have been shown to get clicks. From “blind” subjects that work in a variety of markets to a unique way of combining offers, email marketers are almost sure to find something new for their lists here.

What Does Google’s New Image Caching Means For Email Marketers?

Incase you haven’t heard Google has done something really smart. They have announced that they will automatically show images in their users inbox. Rather than waiting for the user to give permission and download the image, Google will download the images from the original server

A Layman’s Guide To Consumer Email Marketing

When asked if they understood what consumer email marketing was, many claimed ignorance on the subject. You may not know the intricacies of this promotional strategy, but as an owner of an email-id you encounter it every single day. The moment you sign-in to your account, you are displayed with 10 or more unread mails. 2 are from contacts while the rest are from a clothing website, a job search site or an e-commerce site informing you of the latest offers and programs. These mails, many of which you transfer to your trash box without a glance, are part of a business’ email marketing strategy. A wee bit surprised to know, right?

10 Tips On Business Email Marketing

A few decades ago, business promotion relied heavily on newspapers and magazines. Business owners would put advertisement leaflets inside newspapers or print promotional coupons in weekly and monthly magazines to advertise their product or service. Email marketing is similar except for its electronic medium. Also, it is delivered to your email address instead of postal address.

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