Auto-resend campaign – How to automatically resend unopened campaigns in MailerLite

In this video tutorial, we will show you how you can reach more subscribers and increase opens by automatically resending another email to those subscribers that haven’t engaged with your first email campaign. Are you ready to give your email engagement a boost? Let’s go!


00:00 – Intro
00:02 – Creating an auto-resend campaign from your Dashboard
00:32 – Auto-resend campaign by “Email subject”
00:50 – Auto-resend campaign by “Email subject and personal message”
01:05 – Auto-resend campaign by “Email subject and email content”
01:23 – Coming up with subject lines for your first and second campaigns
02:06 – Selecting your email editor
02:13 – Editing your “B version” campaign and personal message
02:41 – Choosing campaign recipients
02:52 – Selecting when to send a second campaign
03:05 – Previewing your first and second campaigns
04:11 – Scheduling your campaigns
04:58 – Sharing the best practice for auto-resend emails

And that’s it. Thank you for watching us!

If you like simplicity, effectiveness, and being treated like a human, you might just love using what the whole team at MailerLite has in store for you. Give us a try!

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